BODRUM – Authentic Local Experience
4 Days/3 Nights
Tour Description

Bodrum is a beautiful peninsula located on the South West Coast of Turkey. The area is famed with being home to Ionia and many important Greek cities, thus where the Western Culture was born. Since Neolithic Ages, throughout history, many cultures, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and finally Turks have landed on fertile and nurturing land of Aegean. Bodrum is also the home to famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Until recently (1925), Bodrum was a secluded, small fishing and sponge diving village when a Turkish author, Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli was sent here on exile to be kept as a prisoner in the Bodrum Castle (which was builded by Crusaders using the stones of the Mausoleum). Though this story starts rather unpleasant, it ends with Cevat Sakir never getting imprisoned in the castle but falling in love with the town and settling down in here and adopting the name “The Fisherman of Halicarnassus”. He is the one who introduced the concept of “blue voyage” along the Turkish coast and thanks to him, Bodrum has developed into the beautiful place it is today.

Even though Bodrum is famed with sun & sea and attracts many tourists during summer season, it is actually a year-round leisure and pleasure destination (tho sun and sea is also awesome! :) ). Many artists, authors, chefs, entrepreneurs or simply anyone who is done with the city, preferred Bodrum as their year-round home and immigrated here. Now, especially during the off season, Bodrum becomes a bohemian, laid-back, merry place. Not to mention, the weather is always nice!

Unison Turkey is here to present a very exclusive Bodrum package.

We invite you to experience the “real thing”; tasting and preparing authentic and delicious food, visiting local farms and markets, meeting local artists, taking a journey through the history… all in style!

Highlights of the 3-night Bodrum package:

  • Stay in one of the amazingly beautiful hotels in Bodrum.

  • Spend a day visiting local markets, shopping and cooking together.

  • Visit a local artisan farm, tasting the produce of the season on the veranda with a sip of local wine along.

  • Meet a local artist in his own atelier and spend a day in the art village of Dibeklihan.

  • Visit a nomadic village, famed with hand woven carpets.

  • Take a tour along the region’s history, from Neolithic ages until today, in company with a connoisseur tour guide.

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Tour Details

Day 1 (Thursday) – Arrival

 Welcome to Bodrum. Enjoy a relaxed evening. We recommend to try the fantastic cuisine of the hotel for dinner.


 Day 2 (Friday) – Culinary Day

The Aegean region is famed with it’s healthy cuisine full of herbs, vegetables and olive oil. Also, Bodrum is home to many endemic plants, which you will have the chance to taste today.

The day starts with a rich village breakfast, of olives, cheese, eggs and herbs and delicious bread, served in the hotel.

Bodrum is a heaven for fresh vegetables and fruits. You will have the chance to visit the street markets, buy the best and specially selected produce directly from the farmers.

Lunch will be in Etrim, an authentic village, famous with the family tradition of hand woven nomadic carpets. Unless you are allergic to cows, turd and chicks, this will be a truly interesting village experience for you. Following lunch, you will witness the phases of carpet production from making of the wool, dyeing the wool using plant extracts to weaving the carpets on looms.

We will then arrive to Selia, an artisanal farm, producing wine, goat cheese, olives, jams and bread using traditional methods and without using any chemicals or preservatives.

Take a trip around the farm to learn about the production, visit the cellars and a sommelier will accompany you for local produce wine tasting. Enyoy a leisurely afternoon together with our chef and Selia’s owners sharing stories and wine.


Day 3 (Saturday) – Art Day 

Following a relaxed breakfast, we are heading to visit a local artist in his own home and atelier. Bodrum is inhabited by many artists and many forms of art are practised from painting to glass or ceramic arts. We will learn about a specific art as well as life in Bodrum from first hand.

We are then heading to an art village – Dibeklihan. This is a project by an architect couple, bringing together an ethnography museum, exhibitions, music, ateliers, boutiques, art galleries and cafes together in a magical atmosphere of stone houses and small alleys.
Spend the afternoon in the village, taking a tour around the museum, exhibitions and boutiques, joining a workshop depending on which atelier is open that day and enjoying a nice lunch along with local wine. Today, you will be accompanied by a tour guide who is also a professional local artist.


Day 4 (Sunday) – History Day

 We won’t overwhelm you with dates, names and facts today, unless of course you want us to! Bodrum is home to many civilizations and we have prepared a historical journey from the first settlement until today. Enjoy a ride along the peninsula, along with the breathtaking stories of mythological heroes, wars, kings,queens and knights. A visit to the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum Castle and the world’s largest Underwater Archeology Museum are also in today’s program.
Today you are accompanied by a professional tour guide, who is an expert on the region’s history and culture and will make the history alive through his stories.

Price Details

This is a private tour program and will be priced according to request.